Stop Smoking, in London or Kent, in 1 session, for £250 including a 2-year warranty*.

*Get free additional sessions if required.  I provide testimonials to help you gain confidence about how I work, please note that results may vary from person to person.

The Price

You pay £250 and most smokers recover the fee in 4 weeks.

I take credit and debit cards so that you can pay a deposit when you book by phone.

per day
Weeks to
recover price
of session
10 £29 8 £1258
15 £44 6 £2038
20 £59 4.2 £2818
30 £88 3 £4326
40 £118 2.1 £5886

2-year warranty

This warranty reflects my desire to help you become a permanent non-smoker, and my complete confidence in my methods.  So this is not a 'money back' guarantee, it is much better than that, it is an assurance that I will stick with you, until you stop smoking permanently.

After your session, if you have just one puff of a cigarette, call me immediately and I will see you as soon as possible. The only proviso is that you contact me straight away, rather than relax back into that old habit. As I have been doing this for over 12 years and helped over 3000 people to stop smoking, I have learnt from every client, so there are many techniques that I can use. 

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