Other Therapy

For help with phobias, habits, confidence, stress, insomnia or anxiety, personalised 50-minutes sessions are £75 each.

Most of my work is in short term contracts, I flex my approach to your needs using my hypnotherapy skills to speed up the effect of my counselling training and experience. 
The first session is likely to be history taking, I often recommend clients use my CDs between sessions and I generally suggest at least one double session early in the work. 
The double sessions are to enable us to explore any negative experiences, with the intention of understanding at a deeper level that ‘the past does not equal the future’ and that change is indeed possible.

For simple issues such as phobias (spiders, flying, heights, needles, lifts, crowded spaces, dogs, thunder storms), habits (nail biting, skin picking, hair pulling, cracking joints, teeth grinding) and confidence (exam nerves, public speaking, study recall) then a series of 4 sessions may be enough to resolve the issue and feel the benefit.
Together we can improve issues such as stress and insomnia in 5-9 sessions.
Where there is any history of anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, panic or trauma, then this needs to be dealt with first.  You can expect a noticeable improvement in 7-11 sessions.
Exact timing cannot be given as we all have complex lives and histories.  After the first session it can be beneficial to work in double sessions until the situation is markedly improved.


I have combined the latest therapeutic techniques with the relaxing sound of my own hypnosis music to support our sessions together. There are 5 CDs for you to choose from.
Anxiety & Stress Relief
Confidence & Self Esteem
Relaxation & Motivation to Make a Change
Sleep Soundly

Each contains 2 hypnotherapy tracks and costs £10.  Call me for details.