Stop Smoking in Bromley

You can Stop Smoking, in 1 Hypnosis session for £250 including a 2-year warranty*. Call Now!

I am available to help you to Quit Smoking at the Bromley Stop Smoking Clinic on Saturdays.  Bromley is on the borders of Kent and London.

Imagine how your life would be if you never wanted nor desired a cigarette ever again.  Hypnotherapy can help you to stop smoking.

*Get free additional sessions if required, I provide testimonials to help you gain confidence about how I work, please note that results may vary from person to person.  See our genuine testimonials (with photos to prove it) e.g. " no irritability and no weight gain" Barry Barclay of Sidcup.

5 Simple Steps to Stop Smoking in 1 Session

  1. Speak to me, Gill, to book an appointment to suit you and pay your deposit
  2. Print and complete by hand a 2-page questionnaire about your smoking habit
  3. Prepare for your success by listening to my 3 audio tracks below
  4. Enjoy your personalised one-to-one Hypnotherapy session with me
  5. Start your new life, feeling confident that you will never desire a cigarette again!

My Stop Smoking Clinic is part of BSSC Hypnotherapy and my Bromley office is in the Centre for Counselling.


The Centre for Counselling is by a bus stop, in Widmore Road, Bromley BR1 3AA.  It is opposite St Blaise Avenue and opposite where the old police station used to be.  Also near the Boots end of what used to be The Glades Shopping centre.

By Car:  There are meters in Park Road (£1.40 per hour).  Which can be accessed via Freelands Road and then left into Upper Park Road.  Alternatively, if you park at the Boots end of The Intu Shopping Centre Car Park, (North entrance of what was The Glades), you can walk through Boots into Widmore Road and turn right, then you can pay when you return to your car, approximately £1.20 per hour. 

By Train: Bromley South is 16 minutes on a fast train from London Victoria.  Exit Bromley South mainline railway station and turn right, walk via Elmfield Road towards the Intu Shopping Centre & then Kentish Way.  My office is approximately 15 minutes’ walk up a slight incline.
Bromley North is 30 minutes from London Bridge, changing at Grove Park.  Exit Bromley North and turn left along Tweedy Road.  My office is approximately 4 minutes’ walk from Bromley North station.